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The team

Armel Ruy

Filmmaker/Wildlife director - 31 years old

Armel is only fully pleased with huge flippers to defy gravity and equipped with a camera to immortalize his underwater encounters.

His studies and his experience in biology and animal documentary bring him on board with Lords of the Ocean, in order to share with more people the secrets of sharks and show the "behind-the-scene" of our adventures.


Cyrielle  Houard

Diving instructor - 33 years old

This solid adventurer is an experienced diver!

She has for exemple several years of experience on the famous bull sharks spot of Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

She also puts her knowledge to good use in assisting Armel with directing and taking images.

Benjamin Lair

Naval engineer - 30 years old

Mainly freediver (record at 6 minutes 30 !!), he is also a diver, rescue diver, fisherman and handyman.

This genuine daredevil has worked in boat reparation in Mauritius, Brazil, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.

Never serious, but conscientious, he is always looking for new experiences.


Jérôme Bourdillon

Hydrographic/Oceanographic engineer - 33 years old

He's the captain of the boat! 

Huge fan of freediving and scuba diving (divemaster) he can at any time end up overboard voluntarily for any reason. He loves sharks unconditionally and has already dragged his flippers all over the world.


Fast 38, 34 (1987)

He's the oldest of the bunch, and the most important one because without him we're not going anywhere.

A true caravan of the seas, with the following characteristics :

- 13.27m long

- 4m25 wide

- 10 tons when loaded, 7 tons after diet

- 52hp diesel engine

- 600 W of solar panels

- 3 fishing rods, 1 fridge/freezer, 7 beds

- 1 water maker (to drink, cook pasta and sometimes shower...)

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