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One life time adventure, meeting sharks !

Lords of the ocean

The project

Four friends realized their dream : leaving Brest to meet the five supposed most dangerous species of sharks in the world in order to make a web serie about their trip and change the mentality of people to act for shark conservation

The trip

Go off the beaten track looking for new experiences. Because it's better to cross the Atlantic in a sailing boat than a plane...

The sharks

The bull, the tiger, the great hamerhead, the longimanus, the great white sharks and many other !


Changing the mentalities through education : Because when you don't know, you are afraid...

Web serie

Without the stressfull music like in horror movie. With good video and humor instead.

  1. Evenement

    Paris diving exhibition

    Sunday January the 12th at 11 AM, Cyrielle and Benjamin will be there to present the trip and the first episod, don’t miss them.

    Link toward the event : https://www.salon-de-la-plongee.com/fr/animations/fiche-animations/1490/2608.html

  2. New episode

    We serie release

    Release of the first episode. On the menu : the biscay bay, the hungry, the Canary Island and already some sharks.

    Link to the episod : http://www.lordsoftheocean.org/2019/09/27/saison-1-episode-1/

  3. EVENT

    Projection at Océanopolis

    Projection of 4 episodes at Océanopolis March 29th 2020 at 4 pm. The third and fourth will be prereleased.

    For the occasion it’s free, Armel and Benjamin will be there to answer your questions.

    It’s better to see them in a big sreen!!

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