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The sharks

For us, the best dives are those with sharks. They are calm et beautiful and that’s totally the opposite of what we see in horror movies. Unfortunatly, we see less and less sharks, that’s why we are fighting to change the mentalities of people and act for shark conservation

Millions of sharks killed each year

A predator in danger

Today 180 species of sharks are considered endangered. We estimate that 90% of the shark population has disappeared in area where we fish them. 100 millions of sharks are killed each year we are too few to be concerned by their protection because most of the people are scared and not aware of that.

The importance of sharks

As apex predator, sharks play a key rôle in the ecosystem, regulating the lower species of the food chain, cleaning cadaver, eating fish with diseases… In case of shark disparition, all the marine life would suffer.

Species of shark met
Dives with sharks
accident during the trip

The adventure Lords of the Ocean

It’s a trip around shark diving to prove that we can live together without problem with those beautiful animals. In 6 months, we have meet 13 species of sharks and among them Bull sharks, tiger sharks, Hammerhead and longimanus. We didn’t have any accident !

Some rules with sharks

Behave well

It’s always important to stay relax in presence of sharks.The best is to not move and enjoy the moment. If you go toward them, they will be scared. Fleeing them is acting like a prey and could excite them.

Always have eyes contact

As all predator, sharks like to surprise their preys. That’s why you have to keep an eye on the shark at anytime. If a shark is coming right in front of you, it’s just to test you or by curiosity. If you don’t fell well, get out of the water, otherwise, enjoy the moment

Don't dive alone

It’s an obvious rule for diving, it’s more meaningful with sharks around. With that rule, you can’t be surprised and panic if a shark is just behind you. Moreover, it’s better to share those moments and you can see everywhere.

Don't stay on the surface

It’s in the surface that you can be vulnerable, because it’s in the area where some sharks are hunting. It’s as well the moment where you can’t see what’s going on under you (when going back on the boat, surfing, swimming…). You have to act with cautious and don’t stay too much in the surface.

Be careful about the environment

Sometime it’s better not to go diving. When there is no visibility, just in front of a river, at the end of the day may be a good spot for shark to hunt.

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